What is Smartath ?

How can investors be sure that the price is not going to crash?
In these market circumstances, countless projects are born every day promising incredible returns every few minutes or without a solid foundation to support the project, so the value of the tokens suffer large crashes. Our main objective and what the project is based on is the growth and expansion of our $smartath token, without neglecting the first people who trusted us, for this we have created a smart contract focused 100% on supporting purchases and sales, with several intelligent mechanisms to create liquidity in the exchange.
The first in this industry to obtain the trust of investors, for this our KYC is being completed and the audit of the smart contract is being carried out by one of the best companies in the market. You can see the completed results here

Learn how SMARTATH works: Smart Anti-Dump System

As we have said before , our objective is the expansion of the token and avoid any uncontrolled fall . For this, our token has a purchase commission of 5% and a sale commission of 10%, 100% of these commissions go to create liquidity so it is not wasted and serves to support future purchases and sales, Investors of the project will also be able to obtain returns from each transaction by adding liquidity.

Then there is Smartath :

  • The transaction fees not only sustain the never-ending growth of the price floor but also urge the team to work as much as possible because SMARTATH was fair launched and the team receives no tokens, therefore the only way we generate money is through high volume.
  • Our treasury is not like other protocols' treasuries. Our treasury is a complicated code that automatically purchases SMARTATH tokens every day and much more when the price drops; more on that later.
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